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Virginia Beach Pest Control is the Virginia Beach area’s most trusted pest control expert.  We specialize in residential and commercial pest control and termite control service, gladly serving the entire Virginia Beach metroplex. Whatever the job, large or small, Virginia Beach Pest Control is ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Our customers love our quick, same day service and the knowledge and expertise we bring to the table.  Customer satisfaction is highly regarded in our business.  We like to think of ourselves as the #1 best termite and pest company in town.

We strive hard to insure that every single customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of our work.  From meeting the salesman, to receiving the pest spraying to a phone call from our office checking in to make sure you are satisfied with the job that we  have preformed.   It’s super important to us that we solve your problem and make you  feel comfortable and safe from those pesky bugs.  We're not happy until our customers call us their favorite Virginia Beach pest control company.

We try hard to make the pest control service process easy for all of our customers, and they agree and love it.  We know that we are accomplishing our business goals when we hear what Virginia Beach and surrounding area homeowners are saying about us.  We love to receive customer referrals.  We promise to treat any friend or neighbor with the upmost respect, no matter the circumstance. 

 Skilled, Professional, Clean-cut & Trained Pest Control Technicians!

Not only are our expert pest control technicians skilled & professionally trained, but we put customer service as our top priority. Got an pest problem?, let us treat it! We make the whole process easy for you! If you're in need of an pest control technician, there is no one better to call... call Virginia Beach Pest Control (888) 420-7540

Virginia Beach Pest Control - We keep your home safe!

When it comes to protecting your home, you need a pest control guy that knows what to look for! All of our licensed pest control technicians are trained to look for possible entry points and point out potential concern. We check in and outside of your house for anything that crawls.  We look for signs of damage from termites, roaches, ants, and rodents.

At Virginia Beach Pest Control we spend hours training our pest control technicians to be an expert with pesticide chemicals, pest identification and pesticide application.  There are no shortcuts if you want to be the best.  We take our time to educate you the customer on what you can do to help prevent future infestation.  We will always be there to offer any re-treatments that are necessary in between services.  When we have completed a pest or termite treatment for you, we feel confident that we made your home a safer place for you and your family.

Trusting a Pest Control Technician In Your Home

You want to know that you have a trained and qualified individual on the job when it comes to your home.  Whether it's wasp control, rodent control, termite control, or bug control, you should always use a licensed pest control technician.

  All pest control technicians working in the State are required to be licensed.  Homeowners should be aware of this fact, and should always request their pest control technician's license number so that the company/individual's licensing can be looked up and verified.  It's also important to know the different classes of pest control technician licensing:

• Apprentice Pest Control Technician:

An Apprentice Pest Control Technician is an individual that is starting in the pest control trade.

• Certified Pest Control Technician:

Once completing 1 year of supervised training and passing an pest exam, an apprentice pest control technician will become a pest control technician.  Certified Pest Control Technicians are licensed to work unsupervised in a residential home.

• Certified Applicator:

All Pest Control companies are required to have Certified Applicator on board.  Certified Applicators are required to have completed many hours of pest service work under another certified applicator.  They are also required to pass a written pest exam.  All pest control technicians sent to our customer's homes are licensed Pest Control Technicians!

What About Pest Control and Insurance?

All pest control companies in the State are required to be licensed as a certified applicator in the State.  Part of the licensing requirement is that the company must maintain a minimum adequate general liability insurance policy.  This is a measure taken to protect the customer/homeowner in the event of a problem.  The State also requires that each pest control company be supervised by a licensed Certified Pest Control Applicator.  This is a measure that could prevent problems from occurring.


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